I have been married for 16 years and have four children ranging from Kindergarten age to high school. I have been an in-home licensed provider in Highlands Ranch for 3 years. I am the creator of Silly Bee Songs, which promotes learning through song. I teach a music based preschool that has been very successful in teaching all ages, and preparing little ones for early reading and success in school. I offer a relaxed but structured day filled with activities for the kids in my care. What makes me a great provider is that I am patient, kind, energetic, and above all, I love each child in my care as if they were my own. I am happy to answer any questions over the phone, email,  or to set up an interview. 



Highlands Ranch, CO

Aditional Information

Licensed Childcare in Highlands Ranch, CO

Cross Streets that I live by: 

​Highlands Ranch Pkwy and Wildcat Reserve Pkwy


Family specific hours offered usually between 7:15-5:00.

Services Offered:

Monday through Friday Preschool and Home Childcare for 6 weeks to 5 years old, or up until they enter Kindergarten. I offer 1 day a week care up to 5 days a week care. 

*Sample Weekly Schedule:

(Depending on the weather and time of year)

7:30-8:30 - Breakfast
Learning: table manners, please/thank you, healthy eating

Learning: hand/eye coordination, build and learn through trial and error

Free Play

Learning: independent thinking, sharing, imaginative play, communication

30 min Education Video

Added resource to clarify the topics, letters, and numbers we are working on

10:00 am Snack

Outside Play
Learning: importance of exercise, skin protection, and having fun

Circle and Singing Time

Learning: calendar, weather, songs, Alphabet/Number recognition, group games

Preschool Topic/Activity

Learning: understanding concept or theme better by hands on activity, game, books, or writing/drawing

Story Time
Learning: interest in books, vocabulary, pronouncing new words

11:30-12:30 Lunch

Learning: Table manners, please/thank you, healthy eating

Clean up

Learning: Cleaning up after ourselves, putting toys away


An appropriate show is on during nap time for children who do not nap

2:30-3:00 Snack

Learning: Table manners

Opt Art/Craft/Play dough

Learning: Fine motor skills, imagination and creativity growth, self confidence

Outside Play/Free Play
Learning: playing together, growing in individual interest, effective communication

*Schedule is subject to change

**Babies and toddlers can be on their own nap times

Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness:

With ABC's and 123's we love learning and getting ready for Kindergarten! I understand and appreciate that each child learns at their own pace. My preschool curriculum is play and song based with fun in mind. I want kids to have so much fun they don't even realize the milestones they are reaching in my care. Through repetition and songs kids in my care memorize the alphabet sounds, planets, days of the week and months, and even counting by 10's to 100. With puppets and copying my movements I have the kids laughing and smiling during circle time. During reading time I bring the books to life with different voices and silly noises! My small group allows me to have more one on one with each child in my care. I strive to have children ready to go to Kindergarten and being able to:

  • Identify most upper and lower case letters.
  • Make most letter/sound matches.
  • Counting to 30 and identify numerals 1-10 in random order.
  • Be able to write first name with first letter upper case and remaining letters lower case.
  • ​Use finger to accurately touch count items to ten.
  • Identify basic geometric shapes (triangle, circle, square, rectangle, oval, star, rhombus (diamond) and heart)
  • Know basic colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink)
  • Fun art projects, and group games
  • ​Knows concepts of print (front and back of book, which page comes first, track words left to right).
  • ​Be able to rhyme words.
  • ​Retells simple stories in sequence.
  • When given a word (“man”) and a new beginning sound (/f/), creates the familiar word (“fan”)
  • Listening and following directions
  • Learning to share and table manners
  • Weekly and monthly fun themes like dinosaurs, rainbows, occupations, snowflakes and Dr Seuss

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included in your daily rate and how what are your rates? My daily rate varies depending on the age of the child and how many days of care are needed. Please call for a quote. My rates include all food (except baby food and special diets) all preschool and learning activities. 

How do you discipline children in your care? I do the love and logic method. I try and give choices and give consequences for the child's choice. I like to do positive reinforcement whenever possible. If that does not work than I do give time outs one minute per age of the child if needed. I talk to the child on their level and work with them on changing negative behavior. Consistency and clear expectations helps children to know what is expected of them and to have a good experience at my house. I am very patient and kind and have worked successfully with a variety of children's personalities. 

Do you require Immunizations? Yes, all the children in my care, including my own, need to be immunized to state standards.

What deposit do you require to start care? I require a one week deposit that goes towards the last week of care and a one week non-refundable enrollment fee. I also require a signed contract to hold a spot in my childcare. Before care starts I require all doctor's papers, immunizations, and packet that I give you to be returned to me. 

What is your potty training policy? I am here to help a child potty train but ultimately the responsibility is the parents. I do not charge extra while a child is learning to use the potty. I require children to be accident free during the days for two weeks before coming to childcare in underwear. This is for sanitation purposes. I encourage children to use the toilet when potty training but it is more the child communicating with me versus me asking them. If accidents are consistently occurring, I require the child to come in a pull up until they are accident free for a time. Many parents in my care have had success with a weekend potty training method that I am happy to share with you. 

What are your vacation and holiday policies? I take the 11 standard holidays off which are paid plus 2 personal days for sick or emergency days. Any other vacation days or personal days that I take you are not responsible to pay for as I know you need to find alternate care. If you go on vacation or your child is sick payment is still due. You pay for the spot whether used or not. I do require that you have a few people who can do back up care for you. I am happy to help find people if needed. I give LOTS of notice when I am going to be taking a day or week off.